Managing STEMI Mimics in the Prehospital Environment: Video Lecture

A while ago we shared a PowerPoint presentation, Managing STEMI Mimics in the Prehospital Environment. This diverges somewhat from our prime directive around here by focusing on an ALS topic (ECG interpretation), but for the medics, it’s a topic that I think is important.

It’s also dense and difficult, in this case amounting to a 190+ slide presentation. In an attempt to unpack things a little, and to further explore our recent forays into multimedia content, we’ve got ahead and created a narrated slideshow walking through this subject.

This is still tough material, but as an overview it should be fairly approachable. The trick, of course, is to follow it up by viewing a large volume of pertinent ECGs to get some practice in applying the concepts. See our Links page for some great sources for practice strips, or visit the old standby, EMS 12-Lead — probably the best source on the internet for ECG education.

It’s broken into three parts, with total time of about 1:45. Treat it like a continuing education lecture, take your time if needed, and feel free to print the slides themselves for review. (Unfortunately, the lecture does assume at least a baseline ALS-level knowledge base, so if you’re just getting started with electrocardiography you may want to start elsewhere.) For any questions, throw ’em out here!

Part 1 (43:26):

Part 2 (34:06):

Part 3 (26:57):


  1. Stephen Simich says

    Excellent review of the STE’s that are not MI’s. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your lecture. I only hope and challenge other EMS professionals to further their EKG knowledge so that they will be accepted as “professionals”. Thanks again.

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