Welcome to Scenarioville!

You are Sam Spectacular, an EMT-B working for Scenarioville EMS. SEMS is a municipal “third service” for the city of Scenarioville, a mid-sized town in an unspecified region of the US. You provide 911 service to the local residents, saving fictional lives and scooping up fictional old ladies.

In reality, “Scenarioville” is a series of practice scenarios in a consistent fictional setting. New scenarios are posted at least once a week, and over time you’ll become familiar with the area, its hospitals, and the response system. The goal is to mimic real-life ambulance operations as closely as possible, helping newer providers to acclimate to the EMS job setting. For instance, calls are dispatched via audio recording, and you’re encouraged to rely upon your ear, although a transcript is also included for those without audio capability. Also, try to locate each dispatched address on the provided map, and determine the best route there from your current location. These small skills are a big part of the job.

Unlike most educational scenarios, patients presented here will not all be exciting or unusual; instead they resemble a more realistic call volume, in order to depict a more accurate portrayal of common complaints and situations.

Most scenarios are broken into three parts. The first describes the initial response and patient contact, the second describes further assessment and transport, and the last indicates outcome; in order to avoid clutter each portion will simply be added onto the previous piece until the full story is complete. You can read about what Sam does, but for the best learning experience, you should act as if you were there, and make your own decisions; the interrupted presentation helps encourage you to pause and think rather than plowing ahead with whatever Sam decides to do.

All patients and calls are wholly fictional, although inspired by real experiences. Any resemblance to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.

Go here for detailed information on the area and emergency system

Go here for the scenarios


  1. Brandon, I just wanted to thank you for your site. It got me immensely excited about becoming an EMT. I just passed my registry and I can’t count the times I’ve thought about scenarioville while doing clinical and reading the book. Thanks for all of your hard work.

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