The 10 Easiest Ways to Violate HIPAA

  1. Leave paperwork face-up on the dashboard or front seat.
  2. Leave your computer unsecured wherever the hell you please.
  3. Tweet a picture of the badass MVA you just did, with a victim obviously identifiable to anybody who reads the news (“A car struck a tree on Route 421 today, driver Jim Smith was rushed to the hospital…”).
  4. Tell everybody about the celebrity you just transported.
  5. Tell everybody about the coworker you just transported.
  6. Crack jokes and make comments about the patient you just dropped off while in the elevator, or in the public ambulance bay outside — usually while the patient’s family is eavesdropping.
  7. Post a Facebook status about the crazy shooting you ran, sharing intimate details about the patient who was probably the only person shot in your town that day.
  8. Leave paperwork in the truck at end-of-shift.
  9. Let a facesheet (demographics page) escape into the wind as you fruitlessly chase it down the street.
  10. Answering curious questions about the patient’s status or destination from the random person on scene, I’m not sure who that is, probably just the nosy guy who lives downstairs.


  1. Yep, that’s right. we don’t should to do this..

  2. Of course all of this only applies if your company uses electronic billing

    • Do you mean if they DON’T use electronic billing, John? Even then, I’ve usually found that certain items tend to remain on paper — many companies want you to collect face sheets even if you input billing information into the electronic PCR, for instance, or documents like involuntary hold paperwork or DNRs for liability reasons. Some places also still prefer paper medical necessity forms.

      Or just your notesheet with all the patient info you jotted down — I should’ve mentioned leaving that around!

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